Propolymer MA123 Asphalt Additive

Technical data sheet

Description: Propolymer MA123 Asphalt Additive – universal additive that improves the properties of modified asphalt.

Technical characteristics of Propolymer MA123 Asphalt Additive:

Typical properties Unit measure Value
Bulk density Kg/l 0,5-0,6
Granule size mm 2,0 – 5,0
Melt flow index gr/10 min 1,0 – 5,0


Advantages of Propolymer MA123 Asphalt Additive:

  • Small percentage of addition
  • No requirement for additional mixing
  • Can be used with any type of technological process

Percent of addition of Propolymer MA123 Asphalt Additive: 0,2 – 0,8 % of the total mass of the asphalt mixture (2-8 kg on 1 ton of the asphalt mixture); recommended percent of addition – 0,5 %

The dosage amount will depend on the bitumen grade: 50/70, 70/100 or 100/130. Also, the dosage will greatly depend on the quality, origin and size of the used gravel.

Packaging for transportation:

Standard packaging: 25 kg bags, big-bags 500/1000/1200 kg (during ordering the weight of the big-bag needs to be specified)

Storage conditions:

Store in dry place.  Frost resistant.   Shelf life – 2 years

Ecological properties:

Additive doesn’t contain any prohibited product in accordance with “RoHS” and “REACH”

Uses of additives:

  • Granules is added to the asphalt mixture using a dispenser.
  • Has to be added simultaneously with mineral materials.
  • The additives cannot be added into binding substance.
  • The material can be used in the wide temperature range (110 °C – 210°C).

Properties of the asphalt mixture with added Propolymer MA123 Asphalt Additive:

  • Improves the strength of asphalt cracking.
  • Improves the resistance to rut formation; improves hardness and stiffness of the road.
  • Improves the fatigue resistance.

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