POLYMOD PA/EV – Processing aid modifier

Product name: Processing aid modifier
Brand name: POLYMOD – PA/EV

Typical Propeties Value
Bulk density, g/cm3 approx. 0.656
Volatile Content, % max 0.8
Purity 15 dark inclusions on 50 g of product
Particle size/sieve residue, %
> 315 μm no more that 5
> 90 μm no more that 40
> 90 μm no more that 75
MOisture, % 0.09
Not flammable
Not dangerous during transportation

Product form: powder, white or cream color

Application type: processing aid modifier can be used during manufacturing process of product made from rigid PVC (sheets, window sills, siding, cable channel) made using extrusion or molding under pressure methods. Also, can be used in manufacturing of packaging materials which can come in contact with food.

Packaging: 25 kg plastc bags +- 0.5% or 500 kg big-bags

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