Plastcor Group Pte Ltd is pleased to introduce its sister company Polymer Technology Ltd company (Polytech). This company is our marketing guide in Russia. Their excellent knowledge of the local market, long-term and fruitful business relationship with many leading enterprises are the irreplaceable assistants in the export-import relations with Russia.

Polymer Technology Ltd performs marketing consulting for foreign partners of all kinds of goods from food to petroleum products. Commercial and economic information collection and analysis, identification of market demand and market opportunities, sale and purchase of goods, identification of the major players on the market, pricing, search for an eligible contract partner, preliminary negotiations, logistics supply chain analysis, transaction support, product certification assistance, customs clearance assistance, insurance, etc.

With this we can guarantee to create a much more cost-effective environment for your business. This list of services can be added on the basis of the specific needs of your company.

In addition to consulting services, we are able to process all types of cargo on the basis of the modern Cargo Terminal in one of the northern ports of Russia. This Terminal is designed and built in such a way that the capacitive park, process equipment and main pipeline fully meet the handling of bulk import and export cargo delivered and sent by various types of transport. Our Terminal today has the ability for trans-shipment of different origin cargo as well as different hazard class cargo. It provides a year-round qualitative shipment and acceptance of the food bulk cargoes (wine, tropical and vegetable oils, canned juices, brandy alcohol) and non-food bulk cargoes (basic and industrial oils, ethanol, ethylene glycol, caustic soda, lignosulfonates, fertilizers).

We will be glad to help you to fulfill your economic project, please contact us for further inquiries.