Calcium stearate

Calcium stearate is the calcium salt of the stearic acid or a mixture of salts of stearic and synthetic fatty acids.

The finished product is a homogeneous impurities-free fine white powder having the following specifications:

Propeties Standard
Calcium, % 6,0 — 7,4
Water wt. %, max 3
Acid number, mg koh/g, max 2
Melting point, °с 130 — 150
Specific electric conductivity of the water extract at 25°c, cm/m, max. 0,06

In accordance with the customer’s individual requirements, changing the quality of the goods and futher technical support are possible.
Packing: laminated paper bags.
The scope of application:
• as a greasing and stabilizing additive for processing of PVC, polyolefin, polyamide, polystyrene and plastics
• manufacture of thermoplastics for piping and cables, lime cement construction materials
• synthetic rubber production
• due to the non-toxicity, it is especially effective for the products in contact with the foodstuff.
• paint and varnish industry.
• a water-repellent admixture in the construction and textile industry.
• a lubricant (grease) in molding sand.
• granulation of powdery materials.
• as a plasticizer in the production of pencils.
• medical industry and perfume manufacturing.
• as an emulsifier in the cosmetic formulations.

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