Aluminium stearate

Aluminium stearate is the aluminate of stearic acid or a mixture of salts of stearic and synthetic fatty acids.
Finished product has the following specifications:

Propeties Standard
Aluminium wt. %, within 2,8 – 3,1
Acid number, mg koh/g, max 30
Water wt. %, max 0,8
Melting temperature, °с, min 90

In accordance with the customer’s individual requirements, changing the quality of the goods and futher technical support are possible.
Packing: laminated paper bags.
The scope of application:
• consistent lubricating oils & mineral fat
• as a thickener for the mineral oils (consistent grease manufacture)
• beauty creams
• as an admixture for adhesives
• hydrophobization of cement and gypsum
• as a lubricant for the impregnation of leather & twine
• plastics processing
• manufacture of printing ink.

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